If you would like to rent the house

Ferienhaus Eingang mit Vordach

If you like to rent our nice vacation house or in case you have any further questions you can always reach us by phone or email.

Dr. Michael Buchmann
Panderstrasse 35
47199 Duisburg

Phone: +49-2841-80886
Mail: michael@harz-ferienhaus-mohnblume.de

Please be patient if your email is not answered immediately. It might take up to a day until we answer your email.

Below you can find the rates per weeks.

Season Price per Week
24.10.2020- 19.12.2020 399EUR
19.12.2020- 9.1.2021 735EUR
9.1.2021- 23.1.2021 444EUR
23.1.2021- 27.2.2021 498EUR
27.2.2021- 27.3.2021 444EUR
27.3.2021- 8.5.2021 498EUR
8.5.2021- 5.6.2021 599EUR
5.6.2021- 3.7.2021 498EUR
3.7.2021- 21.8.2021 599EUR
21.8.2021- 23.10.2021 498EUR
23.10.2021- 18.12.2021 411EUR
18.12.2021- 8.1.2022 757EUR

Please have a look at the reservation calendar. There you can see if the house is free in the desired time.